How the WBFSH Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy Will Unfold

September 19, 2023

New & unique concept promoting the studbooks:

The WBFSH Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy will unfold during four days, with five different categories:

5 yo CSIYH1*

6 yo CSIYH1*

7 yo CSIYH2*

8 yo CSIYH2*

This new studbook team competition concept will gather teams composed of a minimum of four horses per category (max. five horses), appointed by the participating WBFSH studbooks.

Each studbook can compete in several categories, but they do not have to send a team for each category. This is an exclusive opportunity for the studbooks to showcase themselves and their most promising young horses at top level; to promote them and their breeders in an authentic competition and on a world class stage with Global Champions. 

The Competition:

The qualifiers will take place in two arenas with different surfaces: sand and grass. The finals will be held in the grass arena.

There are two qualifying rounds and one final for each age group. There is no jump-off against the clock for the final of the 5 yo category.

During the second qualifying round, the horses start in the reverse order of the results of the first qualifier. The final will be between the best fifteen teams of each category, with only three horses per team, appointed by the “chef d’équipe”.

N.B. A rider can ride a maximum of two horses in the same category, but cannot compete for different studbooks. There must be three different riders for the finale.

There will be prize money for both team and individual winners ( 25.000€ team prize and 5.000€ individual prize).


The Auction:

An international elite auction will also be organized during this competition, to take place on Saturday evening, 30th September 2023. The Tops International Auction, which will be exclusively for horses competing in the event. Owners should declare whether their horses will be attend the auction by no later than 11th September 2023, i.e. when definite entries for the Global Champions Trophy close.


September 11, 2023
The Studbooks Contesting the WBFSH Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy 2023
September 25, 2023
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