Klein Kromhof Wood shavings

Started nearly 40 years ago by collecting wood shavings by hand, today we’ve grown into a global producer and supplier of exclusive wood shavings of world class quality. Since the entire process of production, from input to output, is under our own management we are able to only deliver the best in quality.  
Wood shavings are an ecological product, which provides a perfectly dry and clean floor surface for your livestock. It is applied in the agricultural and industrial sectors, useful for stock breeding and for private businesses. Our products come in various sieve fractions, are available from our own stock and can be swiftly delivered to your house with our own transport service.
We at Klein Kromhof strive to be completely independent when it comes to heat and power. By making use of our own biomass cogeneration we produce the necessary bio energy to supply our machinery with heat and power. Doing this we are less harmful for the environment and get the optimal returns out of our production process.

Whatever it takes to care for your stock! 

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