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  • Abdel Saïd
  • Rijdt voor: Egypt
  • Woonplaats: Alexandria
  • Leeftijd: 32

Abdel began riding aged three in Egypt. As a boy, he would travel to the Netherlands with his mother during the summer for training. When he was age 11, his family decided to buy a farm and move there so Abdel could ride more seriously. 

After he moved to Europe, Abdel trained with well-known instructors such as Emile Hendrix and Jos Lansink. In 2010 he set up AS Sport Horses in order to train and trade horses on an international level. Abdel has represented Egypt at the Pan Arab and Mediterranean Games, winning and Individual and Team Bronze and a Team Silver medal. 

Fast Facts 

Competed in the 2014 World Equestrian Games

2011 Pan Arab Games Team Bronze medallist with Duc de Mariposa

2007 Pan Arab Games Team Silver and Individual Brinze medallist with Team Harmony Sky-High

Competed in the 2009 Mediterranean Games