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  • Ludger Beerbaum
  • Rijdt voor: Germany
  • Woonplaats: Riesenbeck
  • Leeftijd: 58

Four-time Olympic Gold Medal winner, Ludger Beerbaum has been top of the World Ranking on several occasions. Overall, he has won eleven international championship gold medals (four Olympic, five European and two World Championships). 
He describes the Longines Global Champions Tour as the ‘best series’ and his favorite event on the calendar is Valkenswaard. "It's a horsemanship event, great grass arena, a really great show.” 

Ludger is one of the most widely respected and notable champions on the circuit. Training fellow German rider Philipp Weishaupt and Sweden's Hendrik von Eckermann, Ludger not only maintains a strong career himself, but assists in the development of talented top-riders of the future.

Fast facts
Olympic Team Gold Medal winner – 1988 (The Freak), 1996 (Ratina Z), 2000 (Goldfever)
Olympic Individual Gold Medal winner - 1992 (Classic touch) 

World Championships Team Gold Medal winner - 1994 (Ratina Z), 1998 (Priamos)
World Championships Team Silver Medal winner - 1990 (Gazelle)
World Championships Team Bronze Medal winner - 2006 (L´Espoir)
European Championships Team Gold Medal winner - 1997 (Ratina Z), 1999 (Champion du Lys) 2003 (Goldfever) 2011 (Gotha)
European Championships Individual Gold Medal winner - 1997 (Ratina Z), 2001 (Gladdys) 
European Championships Team Silver Medal winner  - 2007 (Goldfever), 2013 (Chiara)
European Championships Individual Silver Medal winner - 2003 (Goldfever)
European Championships Team Bronze Medal winner - 2001 (Gladdys)
European Championships Individual Bronze Medal winner - 2007 (Goldfever)

1993 FEI World Cup Final winner with Ratina Z
9 times German Champion: 1988, 1992, 1993, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2011

Competed at the 2014 World Championships

2014 LGCT Lausanne Grand Prix winner with Chaman

2014 LGCT London Grand Prix Silver medallist with Zinedine

2014 LGCT Valkenswaard Grand Prix Bronze medallist with Chiara

2016 LGCT Hamburg Grand Prix Gold Medallist with Casello 2

2016 LGCT Chantilly Grand Prix Gold Medallist with Chiara 

2018 LGCT London Grand Prix Bronze Medallist with Casello

2018 LGCT Super Grand Prix Qualifier (London)