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  • Julia Tops
  • Rijdt voor: Canada
  • Leeftijd: 24
As the daughter of Canadian Show Jumper veteran Tani Zeidler and Dutch Olympic gold medalist Jan Tops, Julia was born to be a rider.
Living up to her parents’ legacy, she has established herself in the riding world by excelling in competitions worldwide. At 13, in addition to finishing ninth in her first grand prix, Julia also became the youngest rider to win the CET Medal Western Regional Final in Vancouver, BC.
Julia had another historic moment when she became the first North American junior rider to be sponsored by the leading equestrian apparel company, Kingsland, in 2014. The following year she competed at the North American Young and Junior Rider Championships in Kentucky as a member of the Canadian junior team.
In addition to her impressive results jumping at shows across North America, such as the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL, and Spruce Meadows in Calgary, AB, Julia has been excelling on the Global Champions Tour in Europe. 
Alongside her flourishing riding career, Julia is a self-proclaimed nerd. Juggling both her academics and riding career proved to be trifling task f
or this First Class Honours student. Surviving the International Baccalaureate program while simultaneously thriving in the global equestrian scene earned Julia the John S. Burns Family Trophy for outstanding dedication and work ethic in her senior year at Calgary’s Strathcona Tweedsmuir School (STS). 
To pursue her interest in international law and development, Julia is currently attending the University of Toronto’s Trinity College as an International Relations and Contemporary Asian Studies student.  She maintains a busy lifestyle with her involvement in her sorority, Tri Delta, while also being a lead analyst for the G20 Research Group.