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Equine America

Equine America EU are delighted to announce our new partnership at Tops International Arena with our flagship store opening on site soon.

Equine America has been manufacturing pioneering supplements for top sports competition horses for over 25 years. Each formulation contains a beneficial blend of innovative ingredients that work together to help achieve optimum health and performance.

Equine America’s renowned Cortaflex range is universally recognised by experts as being one of the world’s leading joint supplements. With over 2 million bottles sold we are immensely proud of the excellent results achieved by our customers. Cortaflex is constantly evolving as science advances, and remains the number one choice of joint supplement for many top sport horses.

Equine America takes Clean Sport extremely seriously and we take every measure to prevent contamination by harmful substances with rigourous testing in place at both our UK and new European manufacturing sites.
Our new distribution centre in Belgium enables us to offer a first-class service to customers with next day delivery to most of Europe.

We look forward to welcoming you to our store at TIA soon. In the meantime please visit for our full range of products. 

Equine America