Excitement is building for the first ever WBFSH Studbooks Global Champions Trophy

May 24, 2023

The world’s top studbooks will gather at the Longines Tops International Arena in Valkenswaard, Netherlands for the WBFSH Global Champions Trophy from 28 September - 1 October 2023.

Organized by the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) and Longines Tops International Arena, the prestigious event of team and individual brings together the best five, six, seven and eight year olds in the sport.

Bernhard Thobel from Oldenburg (Oldbg) explained: "It's a great idea from the WBFSH to offer such an opportunity to the breeders and the studbooks in such an international place. We will enter all the categories from the five- year-olds to the young stallions. We look forward to receiving the FEI schedule as quickly as possible so as to define our selection strategy. Indeed, we will try to offer this opportunity to foreign owners of young horses who have trusted our breeders and our studbook."

Joris van den Oetelaar, head of the Anglo European Studbook (AES) is also positive: "A great initiative of the WBFSH in an outstanding place. We will do our best to be present in all categories. We have already entrusted Robbert Ehrens - the son of Rob Ehrens, who will be our chef d'équipe - to find our best representatives."

Pascal Cadiou, who is known for chairing the Selle Français (SF) studbook with as much enthusiasm as prudence exclaimed: "Let's go! We tick all the boxes from the five-year-olds to the young stallions. best to select teams of young horses to take part of the competition. This new trophy will give an equal chance to all stud books to be represented; and the promotion of Stud Book and breeding/breeders in the ‘Sports world’ is a great opportunity that we don’t want to miss.

"We also think that this new event is a good occasion for Stud Book (breeders, riders, owners, SB representatives etc) to share more than just competition, this should also be the occasion to share good moments, friendliness, maybe workshops, and become the place to be and to meet in the future and this is not the least of the attractions of this event - with respect to the auction that Tops Trading intends to organize."

Ralph van Venrooij, head of the KWPN breeding department, is in the same frame of mind: "We are totally positive about this new concept. We will line up teams in each category. We are sure that riders and breeders will seize this new opportunity to value their young horses. But don't ask me how we are going to make the selection, it is still too early and, yet, we know that we will have to be clear before mid June in order to have a strategy that best combines with the World Breeding Championship for Young Horses (WBCYH) one week earlier, in Lanaken."

Wilken Treu from Hannoveraner Verband e.V. finished by saying: “The trophy is an outstanding further possibility to put future top jumpers on the screen. Looking at the awards that are given by the organizer, the event will be interesting for many jumping riders. And that is the reason why the WBFSH Global Champions Trophy is getting “must have” for the studbooks. The fact that the focus is not only on one horse but on the team of a studbook – who nominated in total the best horses, which studbook is able to send highest quality in the total of all age-groups. We still try to build a strategy.”

“This is an incredible opportunity for horse and rider to showcase their talents at this brand new concept,” said Jan Tops, President and Founder of Longines Tops International Arena. “We are thrilled to host the WBFSH Global Champions Trophy at our world-class facility in Valkenswaard.”

The Longines Tops International Arena is one of the premier show jumping venues in the world, featuring state-of-the-art facilities and an impressive array of obstacles designed by course designer Uliano Vezzani.

The WBFSH Global Champions Trophy is an event that celebrates the very best in sport horse breeding and show jumping,” said Jan Pedersen, President of WBFSH. “We are delighted to partner with GCT to bring this event to the Longines Tops International Arena and showcase the incredible talent and athleticism of these magnificent animals.”

To learn more about being part of the very first WBFSH Studbooks Global Champions Trophy, click here! 

May 24, 2023
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